Timothy L. Wade, May 17th, 2013

It seems like every time I get started with my writing, something always comes up or prevents from writing or stopping me.

And when I stop it’s hard for me to jump right back into it, but here I am again, with a thought in mind. I woke up today and everything around me seems to be calm and collected, there is no malice or tension in the air and it seems like everyone is getting along just fine. That seems too to be overwhelming, or something’s not right about this picture. As the day progresses, I knew it was too good to be true; somebody has been doing some stealing around here which is why everybody seems to be alright, but instead they are not alright, they are uptight…

… I am so ready to go home, till it’s just a shame to even think that I can’t go on my own free will. I remember times that I could go home on my own will, but the street-life would not allow me to go, so I worried my wife and her girls so much that it drove me to this. I finally realize how much I value my life. Pettiness has driven me thus far and I know that I am now reaping what I have sown. It used to be time when I wouldn’t even answer my cell-phone because I knew my wife was calling to see where I was, and to ask me to come home, but I wouldn’t, due to the vices that had me whooooooped! Now I realize my errors and mistakes that my own hands have cost me. I may not be guilty of what I was accused of doing, but I am guilty of something, and that is constantly neglecting my duties as a man, a friend, son, husband etc. Some times I have to beat myself up, just so that I could face reality, because no one got me in this situation but me. And all I can do is wish. Wish that this could all be over with soon.

I’m fighting my case, and I know that I’m right in my innocence, and I believe that the courts know as well, but they insist on taking their time in responding to my claims of ineffective assistance of counsel. They are taking their time…


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