James Menchaca – 1-25-13

As of late I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons on a daily basis.  It really helps me to get away from the monotony of prison life.  But I was talking to this friend of mine and he told me I spend too much time playing that game, that I should do something more productive with my time.  At first I tried to argue with him that he didn’t understand how that game helps me to stay grounded.  Still I couldn’t deny his point.

For me getting out of prison seems so far away with this sixty year sentence I have.  For years my main focus has always been just dealing with my surroundings and these four walls, and not allowing them to close in on me.  But, now that I’m wondering to go down south closer to home, I’m understanding that I need to conform a bit to get there.

Change is always difficult.  Even now that I choose to do something about it.  It’s difficult to think about whats beyond these four years and what life is going to be like when I get out.  I guess when I become used to my surroundings I lost focus of whats more important to me.


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