The One and Only – Brian K Mcnutt

The One and Only

By Brain K Mcnutt #40271



P.O. Box 1020

Soledad, CA



One day the Lord had a very tough task

And wasn’t sure which angel to ask.

The job at hand was one of much need,

For a servant of his would not follow his lead.

He summoned an angel with goodness and grace

To put the lost servant back in his place.

Melissa was her name, the Lord’s one and only,

And Brian it seemed was distant and lonely.

She entered his heart and lit up his life.

Then soon he began calling this angel his wife.

Together they’ve crossed the toughest of bridges,

And saw in their children the answers to wishes.

Now there is one more hurdle for these Blessed ones

To leap.

Then soon he’ll be home for the one and only

To keep.


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