Michael Santiesteban, January 1st, 2013

So the year ended and here at the infant-like moments/ days of 2013 I find myself grateful for my blessings. My children are loved and strong and yes lazy but that seems the norm these days. They’ve not written me in god knows how long. Yet I am blessed for them. Then there is the woman I owe all my inner peace and smiles to: Maggie, truly one of god’s angels here on earth. The struggles that come with a relationship behind these walls is not easy. Truly a test of patience and commitment. She’s a blessing in so so many ways. I keep my focus when everything around me seems to push against me spiritually, physically and emotionally. She tethers me to reality when surrounded by the madness these walls, culture permeate some of our souls. Maggie is my guiding light when I am overcome with darkness. This upcoming year I strive to remind her and myself of how beautiful finding compassion and care in these places truly is.

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